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We deliver more than strong drives - More comfort, train to train.

The upsurge in public transportation has continually increased the need for modern power cars and multiple units with state-of-the-art drive technology.  MTU – an experienced railroad-engine specialist – supports environmentally friendly transportation concepts with drive systems that set standards.

The MTU PowerPack® is an innovative drive system that integrates all individual components into one functional unit on a supporting frame. It is specially designed for installation in the underfloor area and distinguishes itself through its especially flat build. As the sole manufacturer we offer all three types of power transmission: diesel-electric, diesel-mechanical and diesel-hydraulic.

As our experience with railway systems continued to grow, we continually developed the PowerPack® concept further, and will continue doing so. In addition, in the face of rising commodity prices, we will continue to optimize it with regard to its consumption, performance, and emissions characteristics.

Your benefits:

  • MTU systems expertise: "Plug & play" configuration for the complete, individual, configurable system
  • High performance
  • Longer service life and reliability
  • Low life-cycle costs: due to low operating costs, low consumption values, long maintenance intervals, and maintenance-friendly concepts
  • Environmentally friendly: efficient, clean operation; fulfills emissions guidelines
  • Worldwide service network and on-site assistance in the train depot: for optimal support and minimal downtimes.