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Our drive is your success.

Speed and punctuality – these are most important demands placed on train connections. That is why MTU diesel engines are amongst the preferred drives for railway vehicles on non-electrified routes.

They fulfill all the criteria of demanding railroad companies with their high performance and reliability, low weight and compact build, running smoothness and low noise emissions.

MTU drive systems for route and multipurpose locomotives must meet the widest variety of operating conditions, and they are custom-designed to do so. They prove themselves on every continent over thousands of kilometers of railroad: in heavy freight-train operation, at high speeds in passenger trains, in industrial locomotives, and in switching with its several load changes and high duty cycles with low demand.

Your benefits:

  • MTU systems expertise for optimal drive solutions
  • Decades of proven maximum reliability and availability
  • Low life-cycle costs: due to long maintenance intervals, maintenance-friendly concepts, and low specific consumption values
  • Environmentally friendly: efficient, clean operation
  • Worldwide service network and on-site assistance in the train depot: for optimal support and minimal downtimes.