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Carrying it all away.


They transport valuable raw materials such as coal, iron, and copper ore. They move massive amounts of dirt. And they transport almost unimaginable amounts of material to the places where it is processed. In short: Contemporary mining would not be possible without the tremendous power of wheel loaders and excavators.

The powerful machines driven by our engines work with absolute reliability - and they are highly productive. Power packs like our brawny 4000 can run at their limit with practically no breaks. For wheel loaders this means that they can work continuously at full power and that excavators achieve the fastest load cycles even with maximum loads. Despite the continuous operation the running costs remain low.

For one, our engines are known as probably the lowest-consumption engines in the world. And furthermore maintenance is so uncomplicated that your vehicles are fully operational again in record time.

Robust, stable and cost-effective: These are the attributes that make our engines your best choice. In a vehicle fleet that demands as much as it delivers. And in a competitive field as tough as the environment in which the vehicles work.

Your benefits:

  • Highest availability: minimal downtimes
  • Low life-cycle costs: due to long maintenance intervals, maintenance-friendly concepts, and low specific consumption values
  • Worldwide expert service and support: whenever, wherever
  • Complete product range for the entire vehicle fleet