Clean performance: MTU Engines for Underground Machines

amongst others, thanks to common-rail injection systems, as well as exhaust gas recirculation (AGR) and SCR exhaust gas post treatment. Nevertheless, this does not affect the performance: Our engines for underground vehicles are specially designed for tough, 24/7 use and develop enormous amounts of torque from low engine speeds – regardless of temperature, dust or moisture.

Our engines for drilling equipment and underground construction machines such as wheel loaders and other loading and transport vehicles are specially optimized in terms of emissions for underground use. The most modern injection methods and combustion processes optimized to the smallest detail provide for first-rate exhaust values that do not unnecessarily tax underground ventilation systems. MTU diesel engines from the Series 900 or S60 conform to the strict US underground 30 CFR Part 7 regulations,

We’re with you for the long haul.

MTU ValueCare products and services offer comprehensive, customized support to optimize your engine’s life and performance while helping to ensure predictable maintenance costs.

We’re with you for the long haul.

Your benefits:

  • Low operating costs through long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption
  • Clean operation underground through optimal combustion and the most modern exhaust gas post treatment
  • Highest performance even under constantly extreme conditions
  • Maximum availability and minimal downtime thanks to a proven drive concept

A second generation common rail injection system and an intelligent engine management guarantee the efficient use of fuel by our engines. Further benefits come from the maintenance-friendly construction of all MTU diesel engines for low maintenance operation with long service intervals. They minimize downtime and ensure that your underground machines are back to work again in record time.