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The harsher the environment, the stronger we are.

Underground work is difficult for both people and machines. Massive drilling equipment is driven through rock while vehicles and machines with heavy loads move around the clock at high temperatures in dust and moisture. Our drives are in special demand in these situations.

The useful kW power is only one factor of many. Reliability, constant availability, and the long service life of the engines are also crucial for cost-effective operation.

The emissions values of the drives comprise an especially important aspect for work underground. We are leaders in this aspect as well: Modern injection technologies and continually optimized combustion processes make our engines as environmentally friendly as possible. And because we think ahead, we not only comply with current emissions regulations, but also the stricter ones of the future.

Your benefits:

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Low life-cycle costs: due to long maintenance intervals and low specific consumption
  • Worldwide expert service and support: whenever, wherever
  • Complies with US standard 30 CFR part 7
  • Environmentally friendly