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With compromise. Without competition.

Submarines are highly specialized, fascinating underwater vessels. As an indispensable component of nearly every fleet they take on numerous tasks – from protecting territorial waters to the procurement of information across international boundaries. The technical demands placed on submarines engines
are extremely high – and only a few manufacturers are in the position to meet them.

With our years of experience we have been leaders in the development and construction of submarine drives for decades. Most conventional submarines worldwide use MTU engines.

The MTU 396 SE series is specially designed for use in submarines and it is precisely customized for this application. In addition to drive concepts we also provide complete power-generating engines with individual generator and storage systems; all components are delivered magnetically rule-compensated. Our engines / complete power generating engines and bearing systems are optimized for the customer with regard to shock, acoustics, EMC etc. The integration of MTU ship automation systems furthermore makes the reliable automatic operation of system drives possible while taking the details defined by the customer into account.

As a proven partner of shipyards, shipbuilders, and operators, we make a significant contribution to the further development of submarine technology – today and in the future.

Your benefits:

  • Power spectrum from 500 to 1200 KW in underwater operation and up to 1350 kW in surface operation
  • Lowest acoustic, magnetic, and infrared signatures
  • Favorable power-to-weight ratio and low specific fuel consumption due to turbocharging
  • Highest quality standard of submarine engines – Made in Germany for 100 years