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More intelligent than the risk.

"Wherever the fleet goes, we have been there" – this mine specialists’ saying paraphrases the significance of mine defense. Modern sea mines demonstrate incredible sensitivity, selectivity, and artificial intelligence, and they can only be combated by platforms specially developed for this purpose. That is, MCMVs and drone ships. They secure areas of operations of their own fleet and keep passages open for commercial shipping.

The conditions under which MCMVs and drone ships operate place the strictest demands both on the ship itself and well as its drive. Low underwater sound volumes, shock proofing, and low magnetic signatures. Especially the latter is a domain of MTU. MTU has always been a leader in the development of drive systems with low magnetic and acoustic signatures. In the MTU-MRK method, the magnetism emitted from all of the ferromagnetic parts are reduced to a stable minimum. We possess the equipment for magnetically handling components like crankcases, connecting rods, transmission parts, shaft drives, etc., as well as for surveying engines, transmissions, generators, and complete drive systems.

Of course, our engines include all of the other features that are in demand. A compact build, excellent power-to-weight ratio, reliability, and dynamic responsiveness.

As a systems specialist we integrate MTU ship automation systems that make an extensively automatic operation of the drive possible, or even the complete control of the ship. Even in the construction of the cases and consoles we meet every magnetic requirement.

Your benefits:

  • Broad power spectrum for drive engines and Gensets
  • Lowest acoustic signatures
  • Low magnetic signatures due to MTU-MRK method
  • Favorable power-to-weight ratio and low specific fuel consumption
  • Highest standard of quality – Made in Germany for 100 years
  • System technology for complete drive systems, on-board power supply, and ship automation – everything from one source.