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Today's navies have to cover a broad spectrum of operations. Corvettes and frigates, which can be deployed anywhere, play a dominant role. Whether fulfilling missions for the nation or in UN operations, their main responsibilities are to protect territorial waters and to participate in international peacekeeping measures as well as crisis management.

They must be able to confront threats from submarines, airplanes, and ships by themselves. Reliability and availability of the ships are of the highest priority. Just as indispensable are the large ranges for patrols as well as high speeds for quick coverage of long distances.

MTU meets these complex requirements, which form the basis of the drive systems. Our customized solutions for large military ships correspond to strict standard of navies and guarantee

  • high reliability
  • a broad engine characteristic map, unlimited serviceability
  • high power concentration at low weight
  • quick and dynamic responsiveness
  • few acoustic, optical and infrared signatures
  • substantial shock proofing
  • low fuel consumption
  • long maintenance intervals that can be scheduled

The systems can be optionally configured as CODAD (Combined Diesel And Diesel), CODAG (Combined Diesel And Gas turbine), CODOG (Combined Diesel Or Gas turbine) CODLAG (Combined Diesel Electric and Gas Turbine) or CODLOG (Combined Diesel Electric or Gas Turbine). Upon request we can act as independent contractors in the configuration and implementation of the entire drive system.

The integration of MTU ship automation systems also makes an extensively automatic operation of the drive and further ship areas possible – including damage control – as well as complete control of the ship.

Your benefits:

  • Product range up to 9100 kW for main drives and power generators
  • Excellent light load and acceleration performance
  • Low maintenance because of optimal access to all components
  • Decade-long experience in meeting military requirements such as acoustics, shock, and EMC
  • Independent operation due to automation
  • Packaging of GE gas turbines up to 30,000 kW
  • Assumption of responsibility for systems and project management of simple and complex systems, from project planning to commissioning