powerline – Managing your train’s drive system. Everything under control.

powerline – MTU’s automation system for train drive units – represents a step into a whole new future of technology for rail vehicles. Even with only the basic components ADEC, POM and PAU, the powerline automation system makes the integration of the engine into the locomotive a simple process. POM, like ADEC, is an electronic module mounted permanently to the engine. Control, regulation and monitoring are all part of the package that MTU delivers. With the help of optimized interface technology, the engine is quick and easy to install.

powerline for new locomotives or repowering with Series 4000 R41/R43/ R04 PAU Engine (Power Automation Unit)

Module for the monitoring, control and system integration of peripheral engine components, with the following features:

  • Stand-alone component with (redundant) CAN open interface to vehicle control system
  • Transfer of all engine-related operational data including diagnostics to the vehicle control system
  • Additional monitoring and control of peripheral engine systems, eg:
    - Coolant level monitoring
    - Charge air preheating
    - Fuel pump actuation
    - Air filter monitoring
    - Integrated safety functions
    - Data output for fuel consumption indicator
    - Ethernet diagnosis interface (e.g. service laptop)
    - Fault ring buffer
    - Cooling fan regulation

MDEC/ADEC engine control systems.

MDEC (MTU Diesel Engine Control) for Series 4000 R41 and ADEC (Advanced Diesel Engine Control) for Series 4000 R43/R04 are systems that have been developed and produced by MTU specifially for use with the very latest high-performance diesel engine technology – designed not only for full control of the Common Rail technology in the Series 4000, but above all for the management of frequent extreme loads and sudden load changes, which can be overcome effortlessly and smoothly using this system.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Component mounted on and wired into the engine
  • Integrated control and monitoring system
  • Fuel-optimized output regulation
  • Integrated safety and self-test system
  • Data bus interface

POM (Power Output Module) for Series 4000 R43/R04

Module with actuating function for the starter motor and alternator, with the following features:

  • Component mounted on the engine
  • Starter relay and other conventional power routing not required
  • Optimization of start-up process; starter motor monitoring with engaging function
  • Alternator function monitoring
  • Line break and short circuit monitoring
  • Battery voltage monitoring with start-up intervention plus status indication and error report function
  • ADEC and POM linked via CAN data bus
  • Fully automated start-up control with ADEC

powerline - additional module for repowering of diesel-electric locomotive drive systems

PAU Traction (Power Automation Unit) - Module for the monitoring, control, regulation and system integration of the traction generator and rectifir, with the following features:

  • For drive systems with direct-current series-wound engines
  • Optimized output regulation, confiured for the diesel engine
  • Generator, rectifier and vehicle engine monitoring
  • Field weakening control for vehicle engine
  • Wheel-slip protection
  • Integrated safety functions (e.g. power shut-off)
  • Ethernet interface (e.g. service laptop)
  • Internal fault ring buffer
  • Locomotive safety functions
  • Specifiation includes current and voltage transformers plus amplifier for generator excitation