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MTU eReport, the e-magazine version of our company magazine MTU Report, is distributed every other month and covers topics of current interest for MTU and MTU Onsite Energy.

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MTU-Report 03/2013
What makes a good partnership? Is it the respect that you have for one another? The reliability and trust that each partner offers the other? The honesty with which you deal with one another – even on those occasions when things are not working? This edition of the MTU Report provides answers to these questions.
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This issue of MTU Report is all about passion. What does passion mean? And how passionate can you be about working with a CHP plant or an engine in a sportfishing boat?
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Power is the prevailing theme in this issue of MTU Report. For the first time, the magazine is running a leading theme that is dealt with in several articles and our Editorial Team have considered the different forms that power takes:
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MTU Report 03/2012
Temperatures below freezing, high waves and even earthquakes – under all these conditions MTU engines must be able to function. And their ability to do so is not just proved in service, but previously on the test stand. The cover story of MTU Report takes a closer look and shows just how robust MTU engines are.
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