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You are aiming high. We give you the power.

Construction work must be carried out quickly and in a profitable manner. Safety, mobility, and precision play an essential role here – and above all they are ensured with reliable engines.

Our engines take on three tasks in mobile cranes. First of all they make it possible to move the vehicles quickly and reliably on even streets. Despite their size, the high torque ensures even at the lowest engine speeds that they are available at the site quickly and that they can safely handle ascents.
Secondly our engines ensure that the heavyweights maintain high mobility and maneuverability even on difficult terrain.

And since the availability of the entire crane vehicle depends on the reliability of the engines, our drives are also a decisive economic factor.

Top performance, impressive dynamics and high dependability – features that  bring you up to the top, too.

Your benefits:

  • Top performance
  • Impressive dynamics
  • Compact dimensions
  • High reliability and availability