We make you strong in the field.

Since time immemorial people have been managing fields and forests. But today, those who want to successfully sow and plant, care for and cultivate, harvest and process, need not only experience and know-how but above all modern technology. Technology that is always dependable everywhere. Technology that makes work easier and ensures revenue. Technology for which we provide the drive: reliable, economical, strong in the field.

Often optimal earnings can be achieved in agriculture and forestry only through consistent streamlining and the use of extremely economical machines. Our engines impress manufacturers and operators with their high performance, reliability, and long service intervals – put briefly: with their built-in efficiency!

From the variety of different applications there are further, often very special requirements placed on the drive source. Whether it be an especially light weight, an extremely compact build, or the ability to communicate with digital control systems, our engines can meet these demands without restrictions.

Our individual and professional customer service ensures that our extensive range of products always provides you with the right drive solution.

Your benefits:

  • Highest availability: long service lives increase efficiency
  • Optimized power-to-weight ratio
  • High power – low consumption
  • Product and customer support: everything from one source
  • Worldwide service network: We’re right nearby and can get to you quickly all around the globe.

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Sugar Cane and Potato Harvesters, Beet Lifters

Our engines ensure the best harvests