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MTU Report 3/2011

“Agriculture is high-tech!” says Cathrina Claas-Mühlhäuser in an interview with MTU Report. “Agriculture is also design,” asserts product designer Dominic Schindler who is involved in giving combine harvesters and haul trucks a make-over. The best looking versions of MTU engines can be found in megayachts where their design includes gleaming white paint and chrome cylinder head covers. Some of the most beautiful megayachts were on show at a gathering in Monaco.

“Agriculture is high-tech”

Claas supervisory board chair and granddaughter of the company founder talks about combine harvesters, changes in farming and MTU engines.

Lateral thinking

Are combine harvesters that look like science-fiction creations the future? Designer Dominic Schindler firmly believes so.

One for all

The combustion process of diesel engines is investigated on single-cylinder test benches.

Meeting of the megayachts

The Principality of Monaco is not just the playground of the rich and famous, it is also the stage for a yacht show of superlatives.

Deep dreams

Diving below the waves in a submarine is a wish that captain Hartmut Manseck has fulfilled, and discovered that life under water is by no means a dream.

Iceberg express

The natural landscape of Prince William Sund is even more impressive from a ship powered by quiet and clean MTU engines.

They only live twice

Remanufactured engines prove themselves on fracking trucks in the tough world of oil and gas extraction.

Village world

Power generators driven by MTU engines bring people in the remotest parts of Indonesia closer to the rest of the world.

The Vauban Quarter

In Freiburg’s model district, Vauban, people live ecologically and sustainably. A modular combined heat and power plant supplied by MTU Onsite Energy helps them do so.

King of the hill

In the space of 24 hours, 4,000 goods wagons roll down a hill five meters high watched by a hill supervisor. It is one of the fascinating features of Europe’s biggest marshaling yard.

Secrets unlocked

MTU experts open the lid on key engine development technologies in technical articles.