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MTU Report 2/2011

Will Germany still have enough electricity without using nuclear power plants? What will the power supply infrastructure of the future look like? And where will energy systems from MTU Onsite Energy find their place in the energy mix of the future? Those questions are answered by Tognum director Christof von Branconi and Stephan Kohler, CEO of the German Energy Agency, in the cover story of this MTU Report.

Fully networked

In an interview, Christof von Branconi, member of the Executive Board, and Stephan Kohler, head of the German Energy Agency, describe the energy mix of the future.

Living life to the limit

British navigator Dag Pike recalls in an interview how he crossed the Atlantic in a racing boat 25 years ago.

Hover cat

The British Navy is testing a catamaran landing craft with air-cushion assistance.

Railway guide

A research project aims to produce recommendations for the future development of emission limits.

Shuttle to paradise

Ferry operators Bintan Resort Ferries have safeguarded the availability of their engines with a maintenance contract.

Tutto di Parma

Pig farmers in northern Italy demonstrate what ham and biogas have in common.

Making tracks

Hermann Tilke has designed many great racing circuits. Our portrait of him reveals exclusive insights into the world of Fomula 1.

Beauty and the beasts

There are real monsters at work in the American underground mining industry. As well as needing to be tough, they have to meet special restrictions on the emission of soot particulates.

Town of the torque

Friedrichshafen, home town of MTU, has an impressive tradition of technological achievement. Maybach, Dornier and Zeppelin are only three of the names that have made history in the town.

The power behind it all

Tognum' new corporate image movie what the group stands for.