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MTU Report 1/2012

Gensets in Ethiopia and Turkey, dump trucks in South Africa, fire tenders in Brazil and research ships in the USA – this issue of MTU Report illustrates how international the Rolls-Royce Power Systems Group and its MTU and MTU Onsite Energy core brands are, and how broad its product spectrum is. And there is one other thing it brings out: turbochargers are not only a decisive component of the engine, they can also be appreciated for their artistic lines.

High aspiration
 Turbochargers not only look impressive, they also give each engine its own unmistakable character as well as influencing ist efficiency and emissions signature.

Submerged treasure
 Demand for oil and gas is rising but the remaining reserves are deeper and deeper below the oceans. So new technologies are constantly required to locate, extract and distribute fossil fuels.

The extinguishers
 Brazil plays host to the Football World Cup in 2014. In preparation, the country is not only redeveloping its international stadia; it is also investing billions in improving the airports.

Platinic affair
 Vehicles powered by MTU engines extract platinum at the Modikwa Mine in South Africa.

Invades from the deepth
 The research vessels Kaho and Muskie protect the ecological equilibrium of the Great Lakes in northeastern USA.

 Two modular CHP plants at the Durst Malz malting works dry out the malt for use in beer brewing.

Energy sights
 An MTU guide to the Turkish capital, Istanbul. The tour starts from the ferries that cross the Bosporus and ends at the offices of the telecommunications provider Turk Telekom.

More than engines
 Interview with an MTU Service Manager in which he reveals his aims, the latest trends in support services and what fascinates him about his job.

The tale of the Tiger and the Mouse
 Beasts of burden: the Tiger beet harvester digs the beets out of the ground before the Mouse loader deposits them in a truck.

Internal flight
 A 3D fly-through inside a rail engine explains the technologies that make MTU diesel engines clean and efficient.