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MTU Report 1/2011

When the seagulls stop flying… it is probably a sign that the weather is pretty bad. However, “When the seagulls stop flying” is also the title of the lead story in the new MTU Report. The article is about the North Sea emergency response tug “Nordic” which goes into action when ships get into difficulties at sea – usually during heavy storms when even the seagulls decide it is easier to walk. The Nordic is the only emergency response vessel in the world capable of generating its own supply of air for breathing, quite independently of the surrounding conditions. That means it can come to the aid of vessels in distress even when they are emitting poisonous gases. MTU R&D specialists also designed the ship’s propulsion engines and on-board power units specially for operation in hazardous atmospheres. Together with MTU’s “Callosum” automation system and a custom-tailored maintenance contract, the Nordic is a shining example of MTU systems expertise.

When the seagulls stop flying...

With the world’s most advanced hazardous-atmosphere system, hazardousatmosphere engines and an automation system purpose-programmed for the ship, the Nordic is a very special emergency rescue tug.

Closer, quicker and braver

Peter Kneipp is the new Engines Director and thus responsible for worldwide business in MTU engines and drive systems. In this interview he explains what attracts him about the company and what drives him.

Emission accomplished

The new Series 2000 engines meet the US Tier 4i emission standards without the aid of an exhaust aftertreatment system.

What the doctor ordered

A turnkey emergency power supply system from MTU Onsite Energy makes sure that reliability of the power supply at the Charité hospital in Berlin is not left to chance.

Rock and a hard place

An MTU Onsite Energy genset has completed nearly 2,000 hours of duty in a quarry. A place where heat and dust come standard. And engines are really put to the test.

Where the gas is greener

It’s MTU Onsite Energy’s most powerful alternative-fuel engine ever: the Series 4000 can now run on biogas as well as natural gas and diesel.

Masterly maintenance

An MTU comprehensive maintenance contract ensures that Virtu Ferries’ engines are always working and the running costs are predictable.

Architecture of dreams

An interview with Marine engineer Paul Shallcross in which he explains what makes yacht-building so special, mentions some of the exclusive special requests he has been able to grant his clients, and why he himself would rather have a small sailing boat than a large motor yacht.

Pime time

The Series 1163 has been on the market for almost 30 years. But Werner Remmels, Friedrich Mussotter and Werner Flesch are certain that for all its glittering past, its best years are just beginning.

Fill her up

A ship collects crude oil from an offshore platform, processes it, and stores it until it is delivered ashore.

Battle of the big cats

The Puma infantry combat vehicle showed its mettle in a head-to-head test against the Leopard II battle tank.

Chinese new gear

For the first time ever, Chinese locomotives are in use in a developed country outside Asia.