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Your tasks are enormous. We make you strong.

They take container giants and oil tankers on the hook, significantly contribute to maintaining the strict schedules of port operations, and guarantee security. Tug- and Pushboats are small powerhouses that deliver high performance under the most difficult conditions.

With our engines you are perfectly equipped, because MTU engines such as Series 4000 reliably fulfill the requirements of fast load pickups under severe operating conditions.

A high torque and fast load pickup make the ships very versatile, mobile, and extremely maneuverable.

At the same time they are extraordinarily reliable – and thus also extremely safe.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum reliability and availability for minimal downtimes
  • Highest cost-effectiveness and profitability due to low consumption values, long maintenance intervals, and a low-maintenance engine design.
  • Preventative maintenance concepts
  • A tight worldwide service network, quick and efficient on-site assistance
  • Environmentally friendly