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You move incredible amounts. We make you strong.

Fully loaded containers, vehicles, bulk goods or general cargo: Inland cargo vessels and coastal freighters transport freight safely and in an environmentally friendly manner over long distances.

But your competitive position depends heavily on how efficiently ships can be operated. Our propulsion systems – especially with Series 4000 "IRONMEN", contribute significantly to this: They are compact, robust engines characterized by low fuel and oil consumption, long maintenance intervals, and simple maintenance handling on board.

With their high operating reliability, long service life, and overall low-maintenance design, our engines persist in uninterrupted continuous operation and thus make a significant contribution to avoiding unproductive idle periods.

Another important aspect is ecology. Naturally, all our engines meet applicable exhaust standards, and MTU was the first engine manufacturer to receive the emission certificate of the central committee for shipping on the Rhine.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum reliability and availability for minimal downtimes
  • Highest cost-effectiveness and profitability die to low consumption values and long maintenance intervals
  • A tight, worldwide service network, quick and efficient on-site assistance
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly