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We give your vehicle a new heart - And a new life.

Equipping tried and tested locomotives and power cars with modern power trains is not only an economically interesting alternative to new acquisitions. We provide appealing solutions to railroad companies and operators who decide on re-engining.

Lower fuel consumption – even with partial-load-operational and idle ranges, short downtimes due to optimal reliability and availability, long maintenance intervals and minimum maintenance expenditures: The advantages of installing a modern MTU diesel engine are impressive. The considerable reduction in operating and maintenance costs, which improves the economic value for the operator, is especially appealing. The compact dimensions of modern MTU engines fit into the available engine spaces and can use the available periphery due to their compact dimensions. With their good power-to-weight ratios they allow for the installation of higher power ratings without having to exceed permissible axle loads. Compliance with legally stipulated exhaust emissions values is ensured, and noise emissions are considerably reduced.

As a partner with extensive railroad expertise we provide comprehensive support in re-engining. We actively assist you in all stages of the re-engining project with professional engineering teams.

Your benefits:

  • Lower investment costs in comparison to new acquisitions
  • Reduced consumption values and operating and maintenance costs due to modern diesel motors; increased economic value
  • The reliability and availability at the same level as that of a new vehicle
  • Ecologically friendly with low consumption and emissions