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We provide the power for all-rounders.

Tractors are the absolutely essential workhorses of agriculture. There are good reasons that our engines drive these highly modern vehicles.

First of all a high torque is achieved over a wide range of engine speeds: with heavy transport work or e.g. plowing on wet, hard surfaces, the compact engines prove themselves with their sovereign power. In addition, a maintenance-free, wheel-driven power take-off can be used as a strong source of power for various add-on units.

Since the consumption of both fuel and resources is kept low, the use of our engines is highly economically efficient. In addition, the reliability and availability that our engines have always featured make them what they are: your driving power.

Your benefits:

  • Highest availability and reliability under all environmental conditions;
  • minimal downtimes
  • A tight service network for quick and efficient on-site assistance.
  • Long value retention due to guaranteed long-term availability of spare parts and service.
  • Long service lives