Powerful Engines for Haul Trucks

Even when operating at full load they offer a huge amount of torque from low engine speeds for maximum power, allowing the trucks to haul weight of up to 810 tons up steep inclines – regardless of altitude, temperature or extreme dust.

Our diesel engines for large haul trucks and dumpers in tar sands and opencast coal mines, and for the transport of copper, gold, iron ore or the mining of diamonds guarantee maximum performance, higher load capacities and payloads, as well as minimal costs per ton of material moved. Our diesel engines for heavy transport vehicles, like from the Series 2000 or 4000 are specially designed for 24/7 continuous use in opencast mines.

We’re with you for the long haul.

MTU ValueCare products and services offer comprehensive, customized support to optimize your engine’s life and performance while helping to ensure predictable maintenance costs.

We’re with you for the long haul.

Your benefits:

  • Highest performance, high torque and enormous power even at low engine speeds
  • Low transport costs through long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption
  • Maximal reliability and minimal downtime thanks to a proven drive concept
  • Worldwide service for fast replacement part and consumables supply and maintenance
  • Wide range of engines for tailor-made drive concepts

In coal, tar sand, iron, copper and rock mining our diesel engines must perform perfectly under the most extreme environmental conditions. That’s why we test our units in searing heat, arctic cold and dust even before we begin production. Coupled with our longstanding, constantly improved and proven drive concepts, this means that we can assure the reliability of our engines and a profitable operation of the vehicles. We value economy in all other respects as well. The maintenance-friendly construction of MTU diesel engines offers even more benefits with their low-maintenance operation and long service intervals. They minimize downtime and ensure that your vehicles are ready to go again in record time. On top of that comes the efficient use of fuel thanks to intelligent engine management, a second-generation common rail injection system and optimal combustion. Our diesel engines are available in accordance with all emissions regulations.