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Going the distance with the heavyweights.

Heights at which the air is perceptibly thin. Shimmering heat by day, icy cold by night. Constantly swirling dust, moisture that penetrates everything, steep hillsides on which loads of up to 400 tons need to be moved. The conditions that dump trucks with our engines brave on a daily basis are probably the toughest in the world.

In an environment that places the highest demands on the technology, the vehicles run around the clock with minimal downtime - and continually at full capacity!

The combination of a robust short engine enhanced by a second-generation common-rail fuel system, refined engine management, and a practical arrangement of the air and exhaust system makes our dump-truck engines a benchmark of these extreme applications. The most important advantages are built in: The high torque at low engine speeds means tremendous engine power. Furthermore the low consumption rate keeps the costs per ton of material moved low.

Your benefits:

  • Low life-cycle costs: due to long maintenance intervals, maintenance-friendly concepts, and low specific consumption values
  • Highest availability: minimal downtimes
  • Worldwide expert service and support: whenever, wherever
  • Complete product range for the entire vehicle fleet
  • Robust, individually adapted technology, tried and tested engine concept
  • High performance, tremendous engine power