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Because only the strongest prevail.

Drilling is necessary in every mine - and it is a task that should not be underestimated. Regardless of whether you are searching for natural resources or drilling blast holes, we supply engines that allow your drilling equipment to work reliably at high power.

Machines that are subject to extreme burdens over long periods of operation must be able to provide extraordinary power. Our modern four-cylinder engines make that possible, reliably and without restrictions. With their power, long service lives, and cost-effectiveness, they have set standards against which other high-performance diesels have to measure themselves.

Electronic engine management ensures that the power packs, with all of their robustness, are finely tuned to their tasks. It protects the engine, optimizes performance, and simplifies diagnostics and maintenance. Strength and sensibility are combined into the ideal combination that asserts itself everywhere - even under the harshest conditions.

Your benefits:

  • High performance, long service life, and cost-effectiveness
  • Long period of operation with extreme loads
  • Excellent reliability and availability
  • Worldwide expert service and support: whenever, wherever