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Monitor diagnostics from miles away.

Remote Services can improve your engine’s performance and your profit margin by helping you avoid downtime. Identifying faults as early as possible saves valuable service time and enables you to make quick decisions regarding operational issues. This powerful diagnostic solution provides you with direct access to the activity of your MTU engines and systems through a secure Internet connection. Remote Services incorporates a telemetric device that stores selected information and then transmits it in nearly real-time or at predetermined intervals to an MTU remote server via a mobile phone network.

All your data is handled with the strictest confidentiality. We provide a secure infrastructure and user administration via our MTU security concept.

Important engine data such as oil temperature, current location and hours of duty completed can be conveniently retrieved for analysis—even thousands of miles from the worksite. Through early fault identification, you can act quickly to prevent damage, save on service and repairs, identify spares needed and increase engine efficiency.

And with our global service network, you will always have a contact close at hand to provide the targeted support you require for your engine.

For more information about ValueService Remote Services, contact your local MTU distributor or dealer.

An Inside Look at ValueService Remote Services