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With us you can cut anything down to size.

Field choppers take on the hardest jobs. Driven by our tried and tested engines they can be used in any weather, even on difficult wet surfaces.

Regardless of how much engine power the chopper requires, our engines provide it. Due to electronically controlled injection and optimal performance our engines achieve high torques even at low engine speeds. If the choppers are running at full power, the throughput can become a real challenge even for the best transport logistics.

Our engines provide this extraordinary power with great efficiency: the low consumption of fuel and supplies is exemplary.

Even the noise emission values stay at low levels – an advantage whenever the machines are used near residential areas.

Furthermore, the engine concept makes quick and uncomplicated maintenance possible – expensive downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Your benefits:

  • Large hectare harvests in no time
  • Low noise emissions make use near residential areas possible even in the early mornings and late evenings
  • Long service intervals optimize economic efficiency