Callosum_TS allows training and further education of the crew during ship operation. A guided tour, documentation and a multi-level onboard and land-based training program are included. The training system simulates real operating conditions since it is based on original images (True graphics) and intelligent models linked to the automation (model-based). Callosum_TS is adapted individually to the ship on which it is used.

The following versions of Callosum_TS are available:

  • On-board training system (OBTS)
  • Land-based training system (LBTS)

OBTS facilitates instruction and further training of the crew during ship operation. LBTS offers the same function in a classroom of a land-based training center.

In addition, MTU provides further support for operations, service, maintenance and repair with its Virtual Maintenance Training System (VMTS) which creates a virtual environment for interactive visualization and training.

For further information, please see the respective data sheets in the MTU Online Shop.