MTU Callosum_MC is the basis for ideal expansion with additional system modules of the MTU Callosum product range:

  • Contains the latest generation of the integrated monitoring
    and control systems and a flexible propulsion remote control
  • Monitors and controls:
    - propulsion plant
    - onboard power generation
    - all other ship sub-systems
  • Modular design and open structure enable the easy integration
    of additional ship operating systems 

Callosum_MC controls propulsion plants, e.g. with fixed pitch propeller, controllable pitch propeller, waterjet, Voith-Schneider etc.

It can be also used for combined propulsion plants such as

  • CODAD (Combined Diesel And Diesel)
  • CODOG (Combined Diesel Or Gas turbine)
  • CODAG (Combined Diesel And Gas turbine)
  • CODAE (Combined Diesel And Electric)
  • CODELAG (Combined Diesel Electric And Gas turbine)
  • CODELOG (Combined Diesel Electric or Gas turbine)

and other variants such as diesel electric drives and hybrid systems.

The system incorporates propulsion control levers and keypads e.g. for control console selection. The system’s modular design means that MTU can configure it to meet the specific requirements of all types of vessel, such as inland waterway, naval and governmental ships, ferries or yachts.

You benefit from:

  • Sophisticated system solution, redundant-systems technology
  • Software optimized for the vessel concerned
  • Command transfer and optimized operation
  • Single Control Lever mode: all power trains can be controlled by one propulsion control lever. Control of engine speed, gearbox, propeller pitch and other functions
  • Fully automatic control of all propulsion components taking account of all parameters
  • Optional control of ship speeds by means of propulsion control lever
  • Data bus connections between all propulsion components
  • Integration of foreign systems such as positioning systems