Robust yet precise: Engines for Drilling Rigs

At the same time, this facilitates diagnostics and maintenance. This makes for an ideal combination of power and precision that is able to get through anywhere – even under the toughest of conditions.

MTU high performance diesel engines for blast hold drilling machines in opencast or underground mining work exceptionally hard. And yet despite their robustness, their electronic engine management has been finally aligned for optimal drilling precision. This guarantees fast drilling progress and precise drilling results. The intelligent control system protects the engine as well as the drilling machine and optimizes the performance during continuous use.

We’re with you for the long haul.

MTU ValueCare products and services offer comprehensive, customized support to optimize your engine’s life and performance while helping to ensure predictable maintenance costs.

We’re with you for the long haul.

Your benefits:

  • Highest performance even under continuously extreme conditions
  • Low operational costs through low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals
  • Maximum availability and minimal downtime thanks to the proven engine concept
  • Worldwide maintenance service as well as fast replacement part and consumables supply

When drilling blast holds in the hardest rock formations or when performing exploratory drilling, our diesel engines must work without fault, above and below ground, around the clock under the most extreme environmental conditions. Our well-proven and constantly improved drive systems guarantee the reliability of our engines and the profitable operation of vehicles. We value economy in all other respects as well. The maintenance-friendly construction of MTU engines offers even more benefits with its low-maintenance operation and long service intervals. They reduce downtime to a minimum and ensure that your vehicles are ready to go again in the shortest period of time. Additionally, the second generation common rail injection system and intelligent engine management provide for optimal combustion and an efficient use of fuel. We also offer suitable solutions for special emissions demands, if necessary.