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On the Rolls-Royce Power Systems website you will find all Rolls-Royce Power Systems group press releases.

If you are interested in press releases of our company brands, please choose them there:

Rolls-Royce Power Systems Corporate Communication

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Press Contact

Mirko Gutemann
Spokesman Trade Media
Phone: +49 7541 90-4741
Mail: Mirko Gutemann

Silke Rockenstein
Press Officer Trade Media Marine and Energy
Phone: +49 7541 90-7740
Mail: Silke Rockenstein 

Rolf Behrens
Press Officer Trade Media Land Vehicles and Governmental Business
Phone: +49 7541 90-3461
Mail: Rolf Behrens

Peter Knoop
Spokesman Asia
Phone: +65 6860 9448
Mail: Peter Knoop

Gary Mason
Spokesman North America and Latin America
Phone: +1 248 560 8480
Mail: Gary Mason

Technical Articles

Experts on engines and drive systems provide an overview of a range of technical issues.

Technical Articles 

Case Studies

Find out more about what our engines and drive systems are capable of from the actual examples featured here.

Case Studies