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You put yourself at risk. We make you strong.

If you are active in the area of security at sea or have special tasks to take on, then MTU is right for you. Whether rescue cruisers, fire boats, ships for dealing with accidents involving contaminants, research ships, or survey vessels: As wide as the range of types of ships, as complex or special as the requirements may be – MTU propulsion fulfill them.

MTU provides the propulsion for German rescue cruisers, of which the excellent design, a combination of highest safety and speeds up to 30 knots, makes them international leaders.

We also supply engines with high safety requirements for operation in hazardous and potentially explosive situations such as accidents with fuels or chemicals.

The power trains not only reliably drive the ship forwards with incredible power, but they also generate the necessary energy for the shipboard power supply system. Controlled by intelligent automation, the engines react quickly and dynamically even when under a great deal of strain. This ensures powerful propulsion and at the same time the maximum maneuverability – in every body of water, every sea condition, and even in ice and unknown or hazardous environments.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum reliability and availability for minimal downtimes
  • Individual system solutions for individual requirements
  • Many years of experience with complex propulsion systems
  • A tight worldwide service network, quick and efficient on-site assistance