A Legacy of Excellence

The craftsmanship of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines is a reflection of our strong heritage in the diesel engine business. Our two ancestral companies – MTU Friedrichshafen in Germany and Detroit Diesel Corporation in the United States – are long-time dominant forces in diesel engine innovation and manufacturing.

Four engines make up this "Classic" series of Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines:

These engines have a long history that dates back to the late 1930s, when the company was founded by General Motors as GM Diesel. Since then, they have powered entire industries, including construction, agricultural, marine, oil and gas, mining, rail, power generation and defense.

Full support. For full performance.
We are proud of our Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle history, and unwavering in our commitment to providing a full range of support, including:

  • Maintenance products – a full range of consumables to maximize performance and prolong engine life
  • Genuine parts – manufactured to proprietary original equipment specifications for optimum performance and quality
  • Long blocks – faster than an overhaul and less expensive than a fully remanufactured engine
  • reliabilt® products – parts and engines fully remanufactured to original equipment specifications for optimum performance and tremendous savings
  • Service network – local support, worldwide, from over 1,200 certified service locations around the globe

The only genuine option.
Only MTU can ensure genuine Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle quality, performance and service life. No other engine builder has access to proprietary Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle original equipment specifications, or our insight into ongoing product modifications and updated standards. Every engine is tested on factory-specified dynamometers using the most current test protocols to validate performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

How do 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle differ?
2-Cycle (also referred to as two stroke) internal combustion engines are simpler mechanically than 4-Cycle engines, yet feature more complex processes. Every Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engine works in two strokes. A stroke is a single sweep of the cylinder by the piston (upward or downward). Intake, compression, power and exhaust occur in two strokes, comprising one crankshaft rotation. A 4-Cycle (or four stroke) engine normally requires four strokes during two rotations to perform these four functions. It is important to note that there is more than one function occurring at any given time during the 2-Cycle engine's operation, for example, simultaneous intake and exhaust strokes.

Warranty coverage

Our Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are covered worldwide by a 12-month, unlimited miles/hours warranty. New and remanufactured service parts have a 12-month, unlimited miles/hours warranty, which is honored at any authorized MTU service location around the world. Power Protection Plan (P3) extended service plans for remanufactured engines – up to five years/300,000 miles – are also available for purchase.

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